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Scenic Glider Rides

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Experience Hawaii’s beauty with a bird’s-eye view on a serene, yet thrilling, scenic glider tour over Oahu!

Go with the guys who started it all over 40 years ago, because they’d never been anywhere so beautiful.

1. Scenic Glider Ride

Discover Hawaii like you’ve never seen before on an exhilarating scenic glider tour ! Your piloted Scenic glider Tour will start with flight along the lush Waianae Mountains with rugged cliffs, cattle and horse trails; panoramic views of Oahu’s world famous North Shore including Waimea Bay; a glimpse of the Satellite Tracking Station at Kaena Point, and colorful windsurfing sails off the beach at Mokuleia.  Depending on the length-of-ride and weather conditions, you can see all of the North Shore and most of the interior of the island including Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head and Honolulu to the South.  A 20-minute flight can attain altitudes of 3,000 feet or more, and longer flights are available.  Mother Nature sometimes has a say in where we can fly and how high we can get (because of cloud-cover and wind-conditions), but rides of up-to-an-hour are available.  Seating is “cozy”, so we suggest that you initially make your plans for flights of 30 minutes or less; and then if conditions are favorable, decide on additional TIME-options when you arrive for your flight. (Maximum combined weight for
2-passengers is 350-pounds)

We offer specialized Add-on flight activities, too.  Just in case some VARIETY and EXTRA-EXCITEMENT is appealing :

2. “Hands-on” Mini Lesson

Lets YOU do some of the flying !!   This is an intro flying lesson in conjunction with your scenic tour.

Your intro flight lesson* is with an FAA certified glider (sailplane) pilot, and you’re able to choose how much of the flying you’d like to do. You’ll be amazed at the ease of working the controls, and you get an introduction to basic flying maneuvers.

3. Aerobatic loop-d-loop Ride

Spice up your scenic tour and include “7 to 10 minutes” of aerial maneuvers. “Mild or Wild,” you call the shots !

Turn your world upside down with this thrilling aerobatic glider tour over North Shore ! Complete with parachutes, you climb into the cockpit alongside an experienced aerobatic pilot and take a look at the world from a whole new perspective, upside-down !

You call the shots, mild or wild, and decide how many aerobatic maneuvers and what kind of glide you want. Want to float in zero gravity? No problem. Want to pull Gs? We’re ready. How about a roll, wing tip to wing tip? Your aerobatic glider pilot makes this adventure as exciting as you want it to be, whether that’s a no-holds-barred flight or a more gentle approach, where your pilot makes sure you’re comfortable with each maneuver.

The ASK-21 is a very strong and agile aerobatic glider. It is built to handle more G forces than most of the fighter planes of World War II. But our pilots hold the Gs at a maximum of 4 positive. At 4-positive Gs, you feel your body pushed down into the seat. Try raising your hand and you’ll find it’s not so easy at 4 Gs.

*Available for single passenger riders only; maximum passenger weight is 210 pounds.

4. Combo-Acro Ride

Single passenger only. Experience a real rush !! … sign up for both the Aerobatic Ride and include a ‘mini-flying-lesson’ as part of your single-passenger piloted flight !