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Flight Instruction

Have you ever wanted to fly?

You can learn to fly gliders in Hawaii.  In the summer, we have awesome ridge lift that will keep a glider aloft for hours.  And, Dillingham Airfield is among the most beautiful soaring sites in the country.  It’s an unbeatable combination.  Plus, the runway is almost two-miles long.

Two Schweizer 2-33’s (the basic training glider throughout the country) are available for flight training.  Our instructors are FAA-certified.  Flight instruction is by reservation.  FAA designated examiner on the airfield.

Dillingham is a busy general aviation airport with a mix of traffic that includes gliders, twin-engine airplanes, turbo-prop airplanes, ultra-light aircraft, and sky dive jumps.  An aerobatic box is located off-shore parallel to the runway to accommodate acrobatic gliders and airplanes.

The wind is normally strong and gusty.  In the summer, the prevailing trade-wind blows from the northeast at between 15 and 25 mph.  Cross-wind take-offs and landings are the norm.  From October through April, the wind direction is unpredictable and could come from any direction.  It’s not unusual for the wind to reverse direction during the day.